i have dogs called Oliver and Arya. i cope with fibromyalgia and generalized anxiety disorder. i am detail oriented. i am trying to read more books. i feel most at home with atheists and skeptics who are into social justice.

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"Blow it up."



"Blow it up."


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49 Signs You’re Addicted To Reading


1. Books > people is your general outlook on life. People are cool but reading is your preferred social activity.

2. You know what a book hangover is and you have them frequently.

3. You plan whole afternoons around browsing bookstores.

4. If you go too long without…

Buffy the Vampire Slayer + Season Themes (x)

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Hard-hitting journalism.

Podcast! Video!

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I have felt first-hand the very wrath of the Turkish ice-cream man.

Serves the ice cream and screws with your head.

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Book Sculptures by Long-Bin Chen

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Calling All Virginians: submit your comment by July 31st, keep abortion accessible in our state.


Public comment is open once more on 12 VAC 5-412, Regulations for the Licensure of Abortion Facilities, some TRAP rules passed last year. Under pressure from feminists and abortion rights advocates, Governor McAuliffe ordered the Board of Health to revisit the ruling, and as a consequence, the public comment period is open again. 

TRAP (Targeted Regulation of Abortion Providers) is a conservative legislative tactic to destroy access to abortion without challenging Roe vs. Wade, by imposing medically irrelevant but extremely costly architectural standards on abortion clinics (but no other type of facility). In Virginia, the rules are set to eventually shut down almost all (18 of 22) clinics which provide abortions. 

Click this link, then click the “Enter a Comment” link to submit your comment encouraging the Board of Health to rescind these onerous regulations. The Board originally passed them after being threatened by former Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli- but he’s out, largely because we got him out. Tell them we’re behind them now. Abortion must remain accessible.

For more information on TRAP, here’s an explanation. I’m available to answer any questions or refer you to more information. 

If you would like to share this with your Facebook friends, Active-RVA made an event page you can invite them to, rather than messaging them all or sharing it on your wall

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